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Visit the World Heritage Site of old Roman Tarraco, once the capital city of Hispania and the reputed beach town of Sitges and its charming Gothic Quarter.

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In Roman times, the Iberian Roman capital city was named Tarraco, capital of the province of Hispania Tarraconensis (after being also capital of Hispania Citerior in the Republican era). The Roman colony founded at Tarraco had the full name of Colonia Iulia Urbs Triumphalis TarracoAugustus wintered at Tarraco after his Cantabrian campaign, and bestowed many marks of honor on the city, among which were its honorary titles of Colonia Victrix Togata and Colonia Julia Victrix Tarraconensis.


There are still many important ancient remnants at Tarragona where, like in most ancient towns, remains have been used as building materials, while the amphitheater near the Mediterranean shore was used as a quarry. Throughout the town Latin, and even Hebrew inscriptions on the stones of the houses show their previous use. Tarragona is home to a large port.


Its World Heritage Site includes: Roman walls ant tours, a Roman Amphitheater, two Roman Forums, a Roman Circus, a Roman Pretory (Pilate’s tower) and a Roman Aqueduct (city out-squirts).


Sitges, located half an hour’s drive south from Barcelona and blessed with a mild climate, offers 2 1/2 miles of beach with a delightful sea-front promenade featuring art nouveau colonial mansions in front of the Mediterranean sea. The enchanting Old Town, perched on a rocky hill surrounded by splashing waves on the coastline and a cozy beach, takes you to a sequence of white narrow lanes where you discover a Gothic or Renaissance building every other step.


Strolling through this reputed upmarket beach town and its well preserved Medieval Quarter will probably seduce you with its charm. Enjoy the beach promenade, the local sea food, its palaces, delicate mansions, museums and exclusive shops. Home to many artists, you need no excuse to visit romantic Sitges.