Tour Duration: 5 Hours
Max. Nº People: 9
Tour Type: Transport Based
Tour Price: Please ask for an updated price

Tour Inclusions: A great private tour for 5 hours and skipping the waiting lines in the sites.
Tour Exclusions: Transportation and entrance fees are not included in the tour price. Transportation is needed for this outing. Renting a chauffeured vehicle would be a good idea, although train trips are also feasible from Barcelona.

Girona, less than 100 Km. north of Barcelona, makes probably the best outing from the big city. Its charming Old Town, full of romanesque and gothic buildings, is home to a jewell in Western Europe: El Call, one of the best preserved medieval Jewish quarters. Visit also the splendid Jewish heritage Museum and the world’s broadest gothic cathedral nave.

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After crossing the Onyar river on a bridge made by Eiffel, or entering the Roman city walls gate, a magnetic feeling will take you to the narrow lanes of the charming El Call.

Strolling through Girona’s El Call, one of the best preserved medieval Jewish quarters in Western Europe, is a treat for your eyes and soul. Home to numerous philosophers, medicine doctors and poets, this community saw the birth of medieval Kabbalah, together with Narbonne and Barcelona.

Enter the romanesque public baths, with their frigidarium, tepidarium and caldarium and feel the sober atmosphere of such remote times.

The gothic cathedral, boasting a 22.98 m. broad central nave, has a small museum with a unique peace: the millennium old Creation tapestry, showing among others Jewish citizens and Jerusalem in the priceless embroidery.

The Jewish heritage Museum, located in a very well preserved complex of medieval buildings, patios and gardens, allows you to discover the 6 centuries long, deep track that the Jewish community left in the making and consolidation of medieval Catalonia and the Crown of Aragon.